Tuesday, 15 November 2011

BEAUTY: Aussie Take The Heat Leave-In Spray

I bought this product quite a while back when it was on offer in Boots along with the Aussie Miracle Leave-In Conditioner, which you can read the review for here. Seen as the Aussie products were on offer and I was already going to buy the leave-in conditioner I thought I might as well get this heat spray for a change to my usual one.

What Aussie Say

Hangovers. Boyfriends. Deadlines. They all hang around for too long. We love quick exits, but some things do need a little TLC. Like your hair! Aussie Take the Heat Leave in Spray sticks around (way longer than you need to). Just spray and style. No more scorched, singed locks (or wearing a hat in the middle of summer ahem).
When you really want style, your hair can't let you down. So spritz a little Take the Heat Leave in Spray into your hair and Hallelujah! Gorgeously protected hair that's ready to keep up with you!

Aussie Take The Heat Leave-In Spray

What I Think

My usual heat protect spray is the Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray one which is £4.99 for 300ml in Boots. This Aussie one is usually £4.69 for 150ml (but as I have said I got it on offer) so that got me wondering if I would buy it again before I'd even used it. Now I've used this no more than five times and already a fair bit of the product has been used up and you've got to bear in mind I can use my Tresemme spray on wet and dry hair which I much prefer in a heat protect spray whereas you can only use this on wet hair and the Tresemme spray lasts me literally months, so again another minus for the Aussie spray.

Next thing is my Tresemme spray 'mists' the hair making sure the product is evenly and easily distributed over the hair where as this one just sprays so it only targets small sections unless you hold the bottle quite far away from your head, now I've got longish hair so it's an absolute impossibility for me to get the ends of my hair at the back meaning I have to get my boyfriend to do it for me where as I can easily mist the back of my hair with my Tresemme one.

Another downside to the Aussie spray is the smell, don't get me wrong it's not unpleasant it just really doesn't smell of anything, it certainly doesn't have the distinctive Aussie product smell that I love.

To be honest I wouldn't buy this product again because it's just not worth it, it's quite expensive compared to Tresemme and especially for a smaller bottle. Had it been some sort of miracle product that dramatically improved the look and feel of my hair I would have considered it but it doesn't. I wouldn't say it improves the shine (although I do have pretty glossy hair anyway thanks to my shampoo and conditioner), my hair doesn't feel any softer after using it and to be honest I've my doubts as to how well it protects my hair from heat due to the product not distributing very well. Obviously I'm not saying that it doesn't do great things for some people it just didn't do anything for me and I personally don't think it's worth it, My Tresemme is no miracle worker but it does what it says on the tin, proctects my hair from heat giving it a smoother style so I think I'll stick with that for now!

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  1. Ahh what a shame it wasn't that good, I love the smell of Aussie stuff normally so it's a shame this doesn't smell like their usual products x


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