Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tuesday Treats #10

Tuesday Treats this week is a beauty special as there aren't really any clothes I want! It will still be in the new video format as a now post them on my YouTube channel but there will be a little bit of writing on here as I've noticed the previous Tuesday Treats video posts have looked a little empty!

 EDIT: These videos have been deleted as I was no longer happy with the format and with having them on my YouTube channel. Please click here to see more recent Tuesday Treats posts.

  1. Eylure ready to wear false eyelashes - I'm a false eyelash virgin, yes really. I've tried but I really can't get my head around sticking glue onto my eye! It freaks me out, I worry I'll put too much glue on and I won't get them off, or too little glue and one will end up fluttering to the floor like a drunken spider half way through the night. So maybe I'll get over my glue fear as these have already been done for you
  2. Elegant touch super short false nails - all about the fakery today! Again I don't have much success when it come to false nails either. I have ridiculously small hands the nails of a new born baby so false nails never fit properly and despite filing them down I still look like I've got claws and it feels so unnatural wearing them. However these look perfect, I'll definately be trying these
  3. Lee Stafford hair growth treatment - jumped on the bandwagon here with this but I do really want to try it, I'm not stupid and I'm not expecting Rapunzel tresses within a week but I would like to buy it in the hopes that it will improve the condition of my hair
  4. Tangle Teezer in pink - again a popular item but my hair is pretty thick and longish so it tangles so easily, especially now I've started swimming daily brushing my hair after being in the pool is a nightmare
  5. Oh! Lola by Marc Jacobs - I smelt this on a little wipe in the October edition of Cosmo and fell in love it smells gorgeous. I'll have to see what father christmas (aka Josh hehe) brings me for christmas
  6. Collection 2000 extreme 24 hour felt tip liner - I've been after a felt tip liner for a while and this one looks like it'd do the job for a very good price
Have you tried any of the products in the video or would you like to?


  1. Hi! The felt tip liner from Collection 2000 is fab, I use it most days! Would definitely recommend it. :)

    ~Fiona x



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