Monday, 17 October 2011

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time (Already!)

Ok so by the title you can gather this is going to be a christmassy post, yes I know it's over two months away but I had to share this with you all because I'm so excited. Now I'm pretty sure most of you won't share my excitement but anyway!

A couple of weeks ago Josh told me he had booked me an early christmas present for on the 20th December, well instantly I was curious and Josh isn't one who can easily keep a surprise. He originally planned to tell me on the 1st December but unable to keep the secret any longer he's told me tonight what the surprise is...I'm going to see Paul McCartney live in Liverpool!!! As a huge Beatles fan and a Paul fan I'm so excited. Now I have seen him before for my 19th birthday in Glasgow and it was amazing and I'll be quite blunt, I thought it'd be a once in a lifetime thing because a) I don't have the money to pay for his concerts and b) Macca is knocking on so you know...!
So I'll even get to listen to my favourite christmas song live from the man himself. What makes it even better is I'm seeing him in Liverpool and I love Liverpool, we even went for a few days away there this summer.

I'll leave you with some photo's from the Glasgow concert whilst I go back to jumping up and down and screaming (literally)!

Thanks for the best present ever Josh, love you x


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