Monday, 3 October 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

Never has the above phrase been so apt. What is about to follow is a small rant so I do apologise!
Let's just say my first day back at uni has left me feeling like this...

...pissed off!

I've basically spent 6 hours trying to find how to access my timetable and cobbling together a mediocre news story on something I have no interest in (George Osborne freezing the council tax for another year incase any of you were wondering). Uni, in all their wisdom have decided to save the planet one student timetable at a time by no longer printing off hard copies of timetables, instead I had to root around for an hour online wondering where to hell it was only to print my own version off anyway (sorry trees!). Then it turns out they've put all the modules for my year on one timetable so I've had to go through and highlight what I'm actually doing. Oh dear.

On a lighter note it was good to see everyone from uni again and hopefully a night out in Birmingham is on the cards soon. To cheer myself up on the way home I bought some shoes I wasn't going to until Josh suggested it, they're going to be my only treat from my student loan (aside from night's out, meals out etc, now I can see why I'm always poor!) and they're so pretty, they're the brown shoe boots from this Tuesday Treat's post. I plan on doing a vlog soon on my new buys so you'll get to see them. On an unrelated note I came across this picture whilst searching for the cat one above...

Sooo cute, it cheered me up even more!

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  1. That used to annoy me as well, everything is done online these days but we would print off a timetable anyway! They might as well have saved time by just giving us a printed version! I feel your pain!


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