Monday, 19 September 2011

Bambi Listens To The Beatles Whilst Showering In Honey

Well this is actually a 'recent buys' post but I thought the title was much better than just putting recent buys and I promise it does fit in with the post! Whilst in York last week I bought a few things so I thought I'd share with you what I got. 

Sticky notes from Paperchase for in my Filofax

Pink earrings. Both pairs were from an independant store in York called Avatar. I love this shop so much as it has some lovely unique pieces of jewellery. The top earrings I bought myself as a have my left ear pierced twice and wanted them for the 2nd piercing and other pair were a present from Josh. It's become a bit of a tradition that when we go to York (which is every year!) he buys me something from this shop so I do have quite a collection now! Thanks Josh.

Both of these tops are from H&M and I've had my eye on them for weeks now. Infact the Bambi one featured on this Tuesday Treats post.

I was in desperate need of some new boots as the ones I have are in a very shabby state (think split, holey and a bit tatty looking) which is my fault for not buying quality shoes however I've clearly not learnt my lesson because these were only £20 from New Look but I liked them!

Lush It's Raining Men shower gel. Now I'm a big fan of Lush products but not of their prices and this is a fine example of that. This is the smallest bottle available and it cost me £4.25 which I think is very dear for a small shower gel. However I adore the smell of it as it has the same scent as Honey I Washed The Kids which just happens to be my favourite Lush soap. Normally I wouldn't have paid so much for shower gel but I had some birthday money left so I though why not?!

I was hoping to get some nice basic knitwear pieces however I really failed on that front because there was nothing nice in my size or price range. Hopefully I'll beable to find some things in the next few weeks.


  1. I love Paperchase, love what you bought! I can't go in there without buying something - so bad. I think i need to stay away from paperchase for a bit! x

  2. Thanks!
    @temporary secretary I'm the same I love paperchase! x


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