Wednesday, 17 August 2011


I've shown you my Filofax here but in this post I thought I'd show you inside my Filofax and some of the stuff I have in it. Now seems a good a time as any as I've been using it loads this week with listing stuff for my holiday and organising stuff for the blog etc.

My Filofax and the inside cover. In this bit I've currently got a few cards and stamps, some post-it notes, a list of photo's that need editing before printing (mainly to get rid of the red eye I get in every photo!) and a list of things I fetched back from Coventry so I don't forget anything when I move back.

The diary. This is this weeks diary section, I like that there's a lot of space to write if I'm busy on a certain day then I can fit everything in. For anyone who's nosey/interested this week is as follows: Monday fracture clinic with mum, Thursday haircut and staying at Josh's, Friday eyebrows waxing and eyelashes tinting and Saturday Scarborough holiday.

Dividers and paper and bright pink paper (stolen from one of mums notebooks!). I haven't shown you what's behind each divider as I have personal things wrote down such as passwords and financial stuff but basically I've put paper like in the 2nd photo behind each divider, the colour of the paper matches the divider. I'll tell you what's behind each one. #1 Financial stuff for when I start back at uni, rent, student finance etc. #2 stuff to do with my blog such as font and colours used on picture editing for wishlists. #3 A book list. #4 University passwords. #5 Miscellaneous stuff  such as times of mums breaks at work. #6 This is the list area as it has different paper in it then the rest of the dividers. See the photo below.

This paper is behind divider 6 and it's from Paperchase. I've currently got a lot of lists relating to the holiday on this paper. I find this much better for list making (something I like to do, a bit sad!) as there's more room to write than there is on the Filofax paper.

This white paper is from Filofax and this is a plan for this week (tuesday to saturday). It's mainly things to do with the blog as I've posts I want to do this week and posts to schedule for the holiday so I drew this up to help me manage my time better.

This to do list paper came with my Filofax. I'm slowly ticking things off it. The large princess paperclip is one that my mum gave me it helps me to quickly get to the to do list and not forget about it!

The back page and my pen. The back page has a plastic wallet although there's only a photo of me and Josh holding parrots in Lanzarote last year in there at the moment! My pen is from Paperchase and has a chiuaua print on it.


  1. I've got Filofax envy! You're so organised! xx

  2. Thanks for the peek inside your Filo. I love being inspired by other people´s ideas :)) great post!


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