Sunday, 7 August 2011

HAUL: Birthday Buys

  For my birthday the other week I asked everyone for money as there wasn't really anything I wanted (you can see what presents I got here). So here's what I've bought with my birthday money so far, there are quite a few photo's...

Top-bottom shirt from Primark, tshirt from Zara, shirt from Primark, close up of the print on the shirt, skinny jeans from Primark, dress from H&M, pumps from Primark, Boots 17 mascara, Boots 17 lipstick in Beehive, Nu Nale cream from Boots, Boots nail strength solution, both packs of stickers and pen from Paperchase, pink Samsung Chat phone

I'm really pleased with everything I've bought and I love my new phone!


  1. I love all this stuff, especially your bright pink phone!! Nothing like a good birthday haul, especially as you don't have to exchange any of it haha! xxxx

  2. Love the first blouse, I didn't see that when I went to Primark. The stickers are so cute as well :) x


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