Friday, 8 July 2011

Blog Awards from OPI Junkie, thanks!

OPI Junkie was recently given quite a few blog awards and she kindly then awarded me with them too.

The Rules
  1.  Link back to the person who awarded this to you - OPI Junkie
  2. Share 7 random things about yourself
  3. Answer the following questions
  4. Award 15 blogs
Seven Random Things
  1. I love the Beatles and I mean LOVE, I've went to Liverpool last year and immersed myself in everything Beatles related (including going on a Magical Mystery Tour) and I'm going again this year, I've seen Paul McCartney live in Glasgow and even spent rather a large amount of money when all the Beatles CD's were re-released a couple of years ago and not to mention the growing collection of Beatles t-shirts I own, so yeah I'm a bit geeky like that!
  2. I'm a bit of a kid when it comes to Disney stuff, Tinkerbell and Eeyore are my favourites!
  3. I'd eventually like to own a cat, two dwarf hamsters and a couple of fish - yeah I've had this planned for a while!
  4. I often don't wear any makeup during the day, I got fed up of looking the same during the day as I do on a night out. When you wear makeup all the time it takes to fun out of getting ready for a night out I think, plus my skin looks sooo much better now I don't wear it everyday.
  5. I'm fairly short (5ft 2") which results in little legs that don't fit in trousers properly and abnormally small hands that have to wear childrens gloves
  6. I want a tattoo but I can never decide where to have it (I've gone from the bottom of my back to my neck and I'm currently thinking about having it on my wrist) plus I don't want to regret it when I'm old and wrinkly
  7. I hate wearing jeans, dresses, clothes in genreral in the house (by this I don't mean I'm some sort of nudist!) so at the nearest opportunity I get I change into my pj's or some comfy trousers. I'm not lazy I just like to be comfortable!

Favourite colour - pink (every shade)
Favourite song - I have lots but Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney would be in the top 3 probs
Favourite Dessert - Cheesecake (but not toffee or orange flavour)
What is pissing you off - currently nothing but in general I hate people who walk really slow or suddenly stop in front of me, that really annoys me
When you're upset, you? - cry and then eat something sweet to cheer me up!
Your favourite pet - I don't currently have any pets but I'd love a cat
Black or white - Black
Your biggest fear - moths I really hate them
My best feature is - my eyes probably
Everyday attitude - tired and a bit lazy... but I do like to organise and plan things to do, I don't just like 'going with the flow'
What is perfection - right now it would be laying in the sun around a pool in Lanzarote, I'm not going abroad this year so I'd love that
Guilty pleasure - cheesy 80's tunes

I pass the award on to everyone!


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