Sunday, 3 July 2011

BEAUTY: 17 Summer Limited Edition Miami Pop Bronzer

I've been after this product for a while and it featured on this wishlist so I decided to buy it this morning. I'm going to do a little review on it but I'm also going to do a comparison to my other bronzer which is from Natural Collection and seen as that and 17 are both Boots own brands I thought it would be good to compare them.
Boots 17 Miami Pop Bronzer
17 Miami Pop Bronzer

What Boots 17 Say

A subtle shimmering bronze and luxe gold. Perfect for creating an illuminating summer glow day or night.
The vibe of this limited edition Miami Pop Bronzer centres on spontaneity and the unexpected - celebrating a fun, colour-infused season when anything goes. The key item in the Summer collection is the bronzer, a marble baked design of two golden shades, a dusting of which will give that deep desirable honey glow seen on the Miami party scene.

What I Think

I was a little put off when I first saw this bronzer as I thought it looked too dark for my pale skin tone and it does look very shimmery however after I tried a little bit on my hand I found that it blended really well and it suited me. You do have to use a light hand when applying it as it can look too shimmery if you apply a lot but overall I'm really happy with it. It gives me a really nice glow and goes on very smooth. Overall I'm really happy with this product and I think it would suit most skin tones.

Comparison between 17 and Natural Collection
Natural Collection Bronzer in Sunshine
Natural Collection Brozer in Sunshine
The other bronzer I own is Boots Natural Collection Suntint Bronzing Powder in Sunshine. I do quite like this one however I find it doesn't give me that much colour so I have to build it up a little, the Miami Pop one is much better for an instant flush of colour. The Natural Collection one isn't as shimmery as the Miami Pop but because it doesn't have as much colour to it, it does sometimes look as though you just have glitter on your face. Another difference in the bronzers is the price, the Natural Collection one is £1.99 and Miami Pop is £4.99. I think the Natural Collection one does a good job for the price but after buying Miami Pop I much prefer that one in terms of colour and how easy it blends so I don't mind the £3 price differnce.

Left - Natural Collection. Right - Miami Pop
Obviously I've built the colour up more on my hand so you can see it I wouldn't actually wear it like that!
Have you tried the Miami Pop bronzer or do you have another bronzing product that you love?


  1. I'm not much of a bronzer wearer as I'm pale skinned and am always scared of it looking too dark. Looks great though.

  2. I'm pretty pale too and this one looks fine on me (I hope!) x

  3. I have the Natural Collection one too and people ALWAYS ask me why I have glitter on my face when I wear it! Maybe I put too much on haha x

  4. I picked this up and was going to buy it but then put it back. I'm still not 100% sure about it but it's looking more and more nicer to me!


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