Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Graze Box

I ordered my first Graze box last week. For those of you that aren't aware what Graze is it's a box of healthy snacks delivered to you for £3.49 a box. You choose which type of box you want (there's a nibblebox where you have the maximum variety of foods to choose from for tasty yet healthy nibbles and there's the nutritionbox which offers just the healiest snacks) I've chosen the nibblebox. You also rate the food Graze offer you with bin (you'll never get that food in your box), try (your willing to try the food), like (you'll be sent that food occasionally) and love (you'll be sent that food more regularly. You get four punnets of healthy snacks in the Graze box. I really enjoyed my first box and will probably continue to order the boxes for now despite the fact that the majority of the food from Graze is available from health food stores I find I'm more likely to eat the healthy snacks because they're in a cute little box (yes I am that simple). I wouldn't say that Graze's mantra of 'get nature delivered and eat more healthy food (fewer biscuits)' has worked just yet seen as I only have one box a week because of the price of them and I have just eaten a mini muffin...but at least I am eating more healthy food and it actually tastes nice!
My first box complete with a booklet about the nibblebox concept (on the left) and a nutritional info booklet on the food in my box (on the right)

The Food in my Box
Apple and cinnamon flapjack, these were my favourite thing in the box. Very very tasty
Yin and Yang - almonds, cherries, raisins and dark chocolate buttons. This was my least favourite because of the almonds so I've binned these on the Graze site
Sweet goan curry crackers. These were ok not the best in the box but not the worse
Golden honey nut cashews, these were so nice I could live on them!

If you are interested in ordering a Graze box I have a code the entitles you to get you first box free, you then get the second box half price. The code is LY4P7QY.


  1. The honey nut cashews sound very nice :)I would have some right now

  2. im tempted to order one of these x

  3. They're so worth it. I can't wait to get my next one tomorrow. Everything tastes so nice x

  4. i kept hearing people talk about graze but I really wasn't sure what it is so thanks for sharing. the snacks sound lovely (well some of them) especailly the flapjack =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  5. Honestly Hannah they're so nice, I cna't get enough of the flapjack or the cashews. Nice blog by the way I'm now following xx

  6. wow that is a sweet idea! I'll have to check that out. Who doesn't love some healthy random snacks?


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