Thursday, 30 June 2011

Dreamy Designs #4

If you've missed any of the other Dreamy Designs posts catch them here. Enjoy this weeks pictures!

Yes window seats appear almost every week but I really want one!

Cosy bedroom, with a mini window seat (I swear I only just noticed the seat!)

I  also really like fairy lights!

Pastel kitchen

Huge bathroom

This would look really good in a conservatory where I could relax

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Obviously my favourite image this week is of the window seat (as it is every week one appears!) but I really like the last picture too. What are your favourite images from this weeks post?


  1. The kitchen is so cute :) I love the pink fridge

  2. All of these pics is really great!

  3. I can't even pick a favourite, they are all totally gorgeous! I'd quite like all these put together to make an amazing house xxx

  4. I LOOOOVE the all white kitchen with pops of pastels! Pinning that for sure! So pretty!! And yes windowseats are so lovely!

    XO Lindsay


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