Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dreamy Designs #3

This is the thrid installment of my new blog series. If you missed the previous two posts catch them here and here!

Desk space with old trunks as storage

Day bed with book storage and fairy lights (I love this!)

Old suitcases as storage

Fairy lights and dressing table

Simple bedroom with flowers on the bed

This looks so comfy!

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I really love the idea of the day bed in the window with all the book storage so that's definately my favourite image this week but I also really like the idea of the old suitcases as storage and the last image looks sooo comfy!
What are your favourites from this week?

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  1. Oh I'd love my room to look like the second photo. SO MUCH! My bf would hate it though. Gaaah... :( x

  2. Same here, my bf hates pretty much every picture I've put on for these posts so far! x

  3. i love that hanging sofa thing aha

  4. I can't wait to have a bigger house so I can decorate it how I want! Love your inspiration, thanks for sharing xx


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