Thursday, 9 June 2011

Dreamy Designs #1

After browsing through we heart it I came across quite a few interior design pictures I liked. It's safe to say me and my boyfriend Josh have very different taste's when it comes to decor, he likes things to be modern and minimalistic whereas I like homely and more cosy things. So I've decided to create a blog series to showcase all the pictures I've found of my ideal interior (and a few exterior) designs that I'd like it my future home. Enjoy!

Fairy lights

Dressing table

Vintage feel bedroom

Window seat

Cosy fire

Large spacious bathroom
All images courtesy of

I really like the idea of a window seat in my house and a nice warm fire would look very homely. What are your favourite images?


  1. The bathroom is so dreamy.I am loving the bathtub :)

  2. i love that first photo! something about lights in the bedroom :)

  3. Ilove Weheartit! such an inspiring site :)
    cute images and blog!


Thanks for your lovely comments!