Tuesday, 21 June 2011

BEAUTY: Body Shop Honey Bronze Gel for Face

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Face Gel
I recently bought this bronzing face gel from Body Shop's new Honey Bronze makeup collection. There are 5 products in the new collection. The bronzing gel I'm reviewing was £11.

What Body Shop say

This moisturising, honey-enriched gel gives skin an instant bronze glow.

• Moisturising
• Light, non-greasy formula
• Suits all skin tones

What I think

As I bought this online, I'd not actually seen what it looked like, when it arrived I was worried I'd just wasted £11 as the gel is very dark (as you can see from the picture below) and I'm pretty pale. However I gave it a try and I'm very impressed. Everything the Body Shop has said about it is true. It goes on very smooth leaving my skin feeling soft and silky, it's an incredibly light formula so you don't even realise your wearing it and it suits my very pale skin tone. I've only worn this once so far and I mixed it with a bit of moisturiser however after swatching it on my hand today I found it blended very well so I'll probaly give it a try without moisturiser next time. The photo's haven't picked the gel up incredibly well because it blended so easily but you can see a bit of colour. You only need a very small amount when your applying it as a little goes a long way with this gel. I would definately buy this again as it gives me a really sunkissed healthy glow (without being too shimmery) and it will last ages. If you plan on buying this don't be put off by the colour it doesn't make you look orange at all (although when I took it off my makeup wipe was fairly orange!) I would never go out looking orange and I know Josh would be the first to say something if it didn't suit me. I would reccommend this to anyone looking for a light healthy glow as I truely believe it would suit anyone.
Honey Bronze gel swatch

The gel blended in



  1. Great review hun! It looks fabulous :)

  2. fab review! really enjoyed reading it :) ronan x



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