Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The past few days...#2

On Sunday my mum and stepdad came to Coventry to visit me and Josh for a few days and they went home today. Since we've moved here they've visited us quite a few times and it's always so much fun when they come down. We usually go shopping then spend the night in the pub where Josh and my stepdad sit putting the world to rights whilst me and my mum usually end up talking about books (we both love reading). So I just thought I'd do a post with some pictures on of the things I've bought over the past few days whilst they were here (we've been shopping in Coventry and Birmingham) and I've also included a few photo's of some past visits.  Seen as my mum reads this blog I'd just like to say thanks to her and my stepdad for the past few days and thanks for the stuff they've bought me!

Things I've bought

Duo body butter from the Body Shop. This is a new body butter that is spilt in two, the paler half on the left is a thin body lotion whilst the darker half on the right is a body butter. This one is the Macadamia one. Me and mum saw these in Birmingham yesterday and she very kindly decided to treat me by buying me one today.

Books! Aside from these one's my mum also brought three books with her for me to read. I just got a photo of these one's though as these are the one's that have been bought over the past few days. All of which have been recommended to me by my mum so they best be good! L-R The Prince of Mist, Sophie's World, The Room, Angela's Ashes and Don't Look Now. Another thanks to my mum for buying me Angela's Ashes and Don't Look Now - she spoils me! I have so many books here now so they'll be more reviews to add to my other blog when I get round to reading them all!

T-Shirt from Zara. This was only £5 so I had to have it. I like that the fit is a little looser but that the little strings pull it in on the bottom. It's ideal to throw on with a pair of jeans.

A pen from Paperchase. I love all the cute stuff in Paperchase and this pen was from the branch in Slefridges in Birmingham so I got a little Selfridges bag too! (Sad I know). Anyways Josh bought me this, the little pink deer is so cute.

Past Visits

A bull made of sweets in the Bullring, Birmingham and me and my mum in Birmingham

Me and my mum in Starbucks and my stepdad, mum and me in Coventry

Me and my mum shared this huge dessert whilst my stepdad had one to himself! (It's funny how it looks nowhere near as big next to him as it does us!)



  1. I love Body Shop . I'm addicted to their Tea Tree face wash :)I have to try this body butter because it sounds lovely

  2. Me too, I use the tea tree face wash too! x

  3. I fully know what you mean about paperchase, I always spend far too much money in there! xxx

  4. The new bodyshop cream looks amazing. x hivenn


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