Monday, 9 May 2011

Maxi Love

Been fairly short (5ft 2") I'd pretty much given up all hope of ever finding a maxi dress that would fit me, I've spent ages in shops looking at all the lovely flowing dresses and watching taller girls pick them up and been just a bit jealous of them. If only I was taller I could have a wardrobe full of them! Then I walked into H&M and there it was...the perfect length maxi dress. So I've bought it, literally an hour ago and I had to tell you about it because I'm just sooo excited! It comes in two colours pink and black (I've bought pink) they're simple yet really nice and at just £14.99 quite a bargain too. I'm thinking that if the black one is still there in my size in a few weeks I'll buy it. This might be my only chance of getting a long dress that fits right so I need to stock up! Anyway here are a few pics of it, they aren't the best of me but you can see the dress! It's not one that sweeps the floor but I didn't really want one like that anyway as I like to see my shoes not have them covered up!

L-R - With flats, with wedges, the back of the dress



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