Friday, 22 April 2011

There's No Place Like Home

I'm currently sat on the edge of my bed surrounded by clothes and shoes. I'm packing my case to go back to uni tomorrow and I'm trying to pick my summery clothes out (whilst still keeping in mind that British summertime can be pretty rubbish) the thing is I won't be back until July now when I'll be back in Yorkshire for good (well until the second year) so I need a variety of things. I'm in the middle of dilemma too, black wedges or brown wedges? Lol. Right now I'm sat with one on each foot and I can't decide which pair should make it into the case as I can't fit both =[.
   When I came back to Barnsley 3 weeks ago I did a short post here about being home. I really wasn't that bothered about coming back, I was looking forwards to seeing people but being home didn't bother me. Now I don't want to go back to Coventry, I know I'll feel fine by tomorrow night when I'm back with Josh and watching Britains Got Talent to cheer me up, but right now I'm not liking the thought of leaving.
   'Home' doesn't seem to be one set place now, I call my place in Coventry home, but I also call my house back in Barnsley where I live with my dad home, I even call my mums house (I don't live with her but stay loads) home. Confusing! So I think from now on I'll be a little bit unique and have three places I can call home! =]
Black or brown? Decisions decisions. Suitcase and clothes

Some pics from my time home from uni. Ziggy the kitten, day on a canal boat, icecream in Bakewel and my stepdad, mum and me at Fountains Abbey
Do any of you feel the same about coming home from uni and vice versa?


  1. I'm exactly the same, coming home always seems a hassle and as soon as I'm home I don't want to leave! I think it all the effort of change haha! x

  2. I know! I was dreading coming home this time them as soon as I was back I was like 'I don't want to leave!'. Not looking forwards to summer when I'll be packing everything into boxes again lol x


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