Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Review: Lavender and Geranium Face Cream

I've been using face cream from Naturally Thinking for years now. They use all natural ingredients, don't test on animals, are vegan friendly, parbens free (chemicals which are widely used in cosmetics) and are made by hand. I like to look after my skin so picking something like this is perfect for me.
I usually use the Orange, Lemon and Vitamin C facial cream which can be found here. It really brightens my skin and is quite thick so is very good for my dry skin.
As I was nearing the end of my last pot of face cream I decided to try something else so went for the Lavender and Geranium facial cream. I have to say it was a big decision for me to try something new as I love the orange cream!
After using the lavender cream for around a week now I can say I'm very pleased with it. As it's from Naturally Thinking I expected nothing less anyway! It isn't as thick as the orange cream but now its warming up my skin isn't as dry so that's ok. Lavender is one of my favourite smells so I love applying this cream. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and smooth but not greasy.
On the website Naturally Thinking recommend this cream for normal to combination skin. Also they say it is a good cream for skin that has to deal with a changing environment such as central heating to cold outside air, air conditioning and sun. 
I think in winter I will continue to use the orange cream however in summer I'll definately be using the lavender one.
I find these facial creams extremely good value for money, both creams mentioned here cost £7, which is very good for hand made, all natural products. Even better I find that one pot of face cream lasts me around 6 months!


  1. Im glad your finally getting yourself sorted out, ive felt that same way to, all day things were affecting me and no doctors were listening, im awaiting blood tests and hospital apointments to heres hoping :)

    I might try this cream your talking about, if its natural it'll be okay on my overly sensitive, prone to cosmetic rashing skin! x

  2. I'd definitely recommend it. Naturally Thinking face creams are the best i've ever used x


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