Tuesday, 19 April 2011

BEAUTY: Face care routine

After reviewing the Naturally Thinking face cream here. I decided to share with you my full face care routine. I’ve been using facial cleansers and moisturisers since I was around 10. I used to hate my mum buying them me and making me use them, but I couldn’t thank her enough now for getting me in to a good routine that will stick with me for life and making me realise the importance of looking after my skin.

All images are mine except the soap and glory and the face mask.

  • I use Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash daily. I’ve used this for a few years now and it’s the best face wash for my skin that I’ve ever used – £4.50
  • Twice a week I use Soap and Glory The Greatest Scrub of All. I got this in a set for Christmas and it has little exfoliating spheres that  burst when you wash your face – £8.17  
  • After I use Body Shop Vitamin E serum. I’ve not been using this for very long but I love it, my mum got me onto it, I have quite dry skin so this is perfect under my face cream. You only need a small amount so it lasts ages – £10
  • My moisturiser is the Naturally Thinking Lavender and Geranium face cream, as I explained in the review I’ll use this in summer but I’ll go back to using the Naturally Thinking Orange, Lemon and Vitamin C face cream – both creams £7
  • I also use Boots cucumber eye gel as it really wakes me up; it’s so cool and refreshing – £1.52
  • I also try and use a face mask once every 1-2 weeks for a deeper clean, I use Body Shop Tea Tree face mask - £8
Have you used any of the above products? Or do you have facial products you couldn't live without?


  1. I really like your blog! Please follow me back! http://loveandco-lara.blogspot.com/ xxx

  2. I use the tea tree face wash as well, it is so nice! I have dry skin and love the body shop so will definitely try the vitamin E serum! x

  3. It's worth every penny, you only need a little bit too so it'll last ages xx

  4. I'm totally addicted to the tea tree facial wash from The Body Shop.I've been using it for 3 years now and it's perfect :)You have a very nice blog and I'd be really glad if you liked to follow each other :)Let me know.


  5. Hi Dora, I've been using the tea tree face wash for years I love it! Had a look at your blog, it's really good I'm now following it x


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