Sunday, 13 March 2011


So this is my first blogger post and I'm just a little bit excited mainly because its took me 3 months to set this blog up! I'm sure I was making things difficult for myself but after watching several videos yesterday and spending 3 hours at my laptop I've figured it out. I actually feel quite proud.
So my usual Sundays consist of a lie in, nice breakfast, bit of shopping then a Starbucks with my boyfriend Josh.However today I didn't get the lie in and the breakfast was more like brunch. First the lovely neighbours woke me up at about 7.30 and then when we finally got up we found out there'd been a power cut and we'd had no electricity for around 5 hours so that made breakfast a little late. Plus I actually held back from shopping today due to having no money. However I did get a Starbucks, I usally order the same thing caramel coffee frappuccino...yum, but I thought I'd be adventurous today and order their  new iced cocoa cappuccino big big mistake. A hot drink with ice thrown in isn't too nice! So i'll remember in future to stick to what I know.

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