Sunday, 20 March 2011

The past few days...#1

It's been a busy few days as Josh's mum and dad came down to visit us on Thursday for a few days. That has kept me quite busy as I usually have a lot of spare time at the end of the week. On Thursday night we went to Old Orleans for a meal.
Dennis the Menace cocktail at Old Orleans
On Friday we went to Oxford, the weather wasn't that good so I'm not sure if that affected what I thought about the place but I had expected it to be better. It was really pretty with some nice shops but I had thought it would be better than it was.

View from Carfax Tower - Oxford

Christ Church University park - Oxford

After Oxford we went to Taybarns where we all had soo much to eat. Josh's parents went home yesterday so we both made the most of the lovely warm sunshine in the afternoon and went to sit near Coventry Cathedral with some sandwich's, unfortunately there aren't any parks near to us so that was the next best thing.

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