Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today was my boyfriend Josh's 22nd birthday so I thought I'd dedicate a little post to him just to say happy birthday. We've not really done anything as we've had uni and stuff but I baked him a nice big chocolate cake and cooked a nice meal for us tonight.
Yummy birthday cake
Presents, balloon and banners!

Presents and a nice bottle of wine!

Happy birthday Josh xxx


  1. Awesome blog post lol. Cheers for the proper good day and all the prezzys and the cake and everything. You're actually the best. lol LUV YAAAA xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3

  2. awww looks like you had a good day xx

  3. aw how sweet.... looks delcious. well done lauren! (must be in the genes!) x


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