Friday, 25 March 2011

Cocktail Hour

Well actually more like cocktail week. I feel I've some what fulfilled the typical student role this week as drink has been involved on a few occasions.
On Monday one of my journalism lecturers decided that we should all have an end of year drink he actually got quite excited at the prospect. As he's one of the best lecturers we felt obliged to go and join him for an hour. This turned into 5 hours as after we'd drank all the alcohol he'd brought in we ended up in the pub. Unfourtunately I made quite an embarrassment of my self on the way home, having consumed too much alcohol on an empty stomach, however most of this I can't remember but Josh keeps reminding me! It's safe to say that night I was very ill...I'm not proud of it.
Tuesday was spent recovering from Monday afternoons drinking.
On Wednesday I joined Josh on his student radio show, this is the second time I've been now and I actually quite enjoy it. I don't do much but it's fun. Surprisingly I do quite a lot of talking on it which I thought I'd be too shy to do!
Thursday involved more drink. A group of us decided to go out in Birmingham, we've been once before as a group but we wanted to go as we're not going to see each other for a long time now. As uni has pretty much finished (except for exams) most people are off home (me and Josh are staying for a bit...we quite like living here on our own). Unfortunately we all live sooo far apart so it's going to be practically impossible to see anyone for about 6 months now. I'm really going to miss people. Anyway Thursday was a good night, we didn't get in until 6 this morning I actually feel quite good. It was a really good night.
And that brings us to today Friday, I've not done a great deal apart from have a couple of hours sleep when I got back from Birmingham but I think I'm going to go out and enjoy the sunshine now.
Me at the radio



  1. as if you say your not proud of yourself lol good blog though xx

  2. Thanks. Haha trust me if you'd have seen me you'd know why! xx

  3. well I have seen previous pics of the sitting on the loo lol xx


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